Electrical planning

Electrical planning

What is electrical planning and key considerations?

Whether you are building a new home or renovating one, planning for electrical fittings is a good opportunity to ensure your home’s comfort, convenience, and safety. An electrical plan will help you consider all electrical needs are thoroughly as well as prepare for an adequate budget to cater for that.
What are some key considerations you should include in your electrical plan?

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The position of your appliances and furniture

Once you have a rough layout of the house and rooms drawn out, you will have a better idea of your needs for power for the whole space in order to plan for your power points and lighting switches

Keep in mind how the rooms are used, so you can plan for the right lighting level and different types of light. For example, in the kitchen, you may want to add cabinet lights or stove lights for detailed tasks, alongside ceiling and wall lights. In areas that are used for multiple purposes, you might like to add dimmers to be able to adjust light levels.

A good way to keep your space neat and tidy is adding the PDL USB ports and smart shelf – no more tangled cords in the office or kitchen!

Types of power outlets and switches

Your switches can be a standard on/off rocker button or push button, and if you’re dimming you can choose a classic rotary knob or push button dimming. PDL switches come in 1 to 6 button on one switch plate and can be one way (control the light(s) with one switch) or two way (control the light(s) with two switches such as top and bottom of stairs). Motion sensors are great for places where you may need to be hands-free such as laundry, hallways, or kitchen so they can come on as you walk past the sensor. And timers will give you peace of mind when it comes to turning on and off your appliances automatically after a certain time or within set time periods.

Switches nowadays can be the details that add finesse to your interior. PDL has a wide range of switchgear that can complement or contrast any design. Plus, the award-winning Iconic range with the innovative customisable skins and Bluetooth-enabled technology will keep you not only stylish but also future-proof.

Then… how can I future-proof my home?

What happens if I need more power outlets later?”, “Do I need to rewire the whole house if I want to add some smart home technology in a few years?”, “How easy for me to install a new electric vehicle charger?“... are some of the questions you should discuss with your electrician so you can have a plan created for what suits your situation now but also covers you as much as possible for future changes or renovation.

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PDL is here to help you

Our home magazine will give you practical tips, inspiration, and more details about PDL electrical solutions.
Our Home Safety Checklist can help you have a quick assessment on whether you have adequate electrical protection to keep your home safe.

Our Home Solutions Consultants are happy to assist you with:
✅ electrical planning
✅ switches and power outlet styles and functions
✅ home automation solutions
✅ electric vehicle charging
✅ electrical safety and energy efficiency

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