Plan your ultimate bathroom
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Plan your ultimate bathroom

How Electric Home Design can unlock your bathroom's potential

Whether it’s the morning rush of teenage showers, toothbrushing time for young ones, or a self-care soak at the end of a long day, our bathrooms are busy, complex places.

They need to combine function and style – offering everything that everyone needs, in a space that everyone enjoys using. And while gorgeous tiles and sleek fittings are part of the picture, it’s the Electric Home Design that holds the key to unlocking this room’s potential.

All the elements

Many electrical elements go into creating a bathroom. Lighting, heating, air flow/ventilation, power points, and even audio are all things to consider when planning such an important room.

Electric Home Design can help you feel confident that you’ve included everything you need and show you how to get these elements working together to create a bathroom that adapts to your lifestyle and enhances your daily routine.

Clipsal Bathroom Switches
Bathroom Design
Clipsal Bathroom Switches
Lady in Bathroom

Complete the look

Whatever your bathroom style, PDL has power points and switches to complete the look.

The birch trim of Iconic Essence is perfect in bathrooms with natural stone and lighter wood tones, while the metallic finish of Iconic Styl sits perfectly against gloss tiles or luxurious marble.

Push-button Saturn comes in a sophisticated glass-look finish, textured metallic shades, or matt black or white for a sleek modern look.

Pictogram Icons make it easy to identify the switch you need, and subtle LED backlights show what’s in use.