Smart home living

Smart home living

Creating a home that adapts to your needs

Imagine having a home that makes life easier and more enjoyable.

A home that is intuitive, energy efficient and adaptable, with control at your fingertips.

Electric Home Design helps set you and your family up for life, by creating energy efficient, safe and intuitive spaces that adapt to your changing needs.

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Streamlined living

Wiser can also create customised ‘Moments’ – a collection of actions in one tap, like a ‘Movie Moment’ that dims the living room lights, turns on the AV system and fires up the heat pump for a snug night on the couch.

Security inside and out is covered with the new Wiser IP cameras. They have motion detection, night and day HD video recording, wide angle view and an intercom.

Dave Andrew says that being able to add elements like this over time makes smart home tech a much more accessible option. “If you couldn’t do the whole house straight away, you could do key areas first and then add products to other rooms later.” 

Smart home tech also extends to EV car chargers, which Platinum Homes prewires for in every new build, with the option of installation at the time or later on. Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) are also popular additions to switchboards as they detect one of the most common causes of electrical fires.

Whether you’re building new, renovating a beloved family home, or looking to do an electrical and smart home update, good electric home design can help enhance the way you and your family live, now and into the future.

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