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Electric Home Design FAQs

Expert advice for great Electric Home Design

Electric Home Design is about planning how you want your home to function electrically – creating a space that enhances daily life and sets you up for the future

When planning a renovation, we often miss a key piece of the puzzle that is part of your every day, and when planned right, can work seamlessly to make our home living smarter, safer, more stylish and sustainable. This is a concept we call Electric Home Design.

We asked electrician Nathan Johnston of Johnston Electrical Services to help us break down the top 10 questions he often gets asked about Electric Home Design.

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A kitchen with a large kitchen island, a dining table with comfortable seating, and stylish hanging lights suspended above.
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How do I create an electrically functional home?

A functional home is one that meets all your electrical requirements. “It’s crucial, as not enough lighting and lack of power points can really affect your enjoyment of your home,” says Nathan. It’s therefore key that you bring your electrician in on the project early, they will be full of helpful advice on how you can get the best out of your home.

He says good internet should also be a key consideration. “Many people make the mistake of running a whole house on Wi-Fi, but a hard-wired network system with connections in bedrooms, home office, lounge and anywhere there’s a TV or computer, as well as adding a good router/modem, will ensure everyone can be online at the same time without affecting each other.”

His other tips include upgrading to energy-efficient LED lights, installing smart-enabled switches and power points like PDL Iconic, and making sure your switchboard is easy to access, with appropriate safety features.

The father guides his daughter’s hand as they meticulously choose from an array of seven unique switch options.
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A minimalist, contemporary house with a warm, inviting ambiance created by strategic lighting design.
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A man is using an application on his smartphone to control a PDL Wiser system.
Top view of PDL Iconic Power Points and Switches.
A group of people discussing PDL switch options for electrical projects.
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Spending time on electric home design can ensure your home is both functional and more enjoyable to live in.

“Clients can see a world of possibilities for what they could have in their house to make their living easier overall,” says Nathan.

Time to start planning!

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