Are the ATS46D17N, ATS46D22N, ATS46D32N, ATS46D38N, ATS46D47N, ATS46D62N, ATS46D75N, ATS46D88N, ATS46C11N or ATS46C14N repaired in the field or is it sent to the depot for repair?



This unit normally goes in for repair to the depot for warranty work.

However, if this unit is part of an enclosed soft starter package (8636, 8638 or 8639) or part of an MCC within warranty, the repairs can be done by field services.
If a customer would like to buy the suspected failed components and have repairs done on site that is acceptable. SquareD would not pay for travel or labor expenses in this case.

Contact AC Drives and Soft Starters product support group (DPSG) at 919-266-8600 for technical support if doing field repairs.

ATS46C17N and larger units are generally filed repaired.