Where can information regarding the heat contribution or heat loss of a control transformer be obtained?


28 September 2021

Heat dissipation or heat loss Listing for 9070 Industrial Control Transformers.
Is there a way to calculate the full load heat contribution in BTU/hr if I have the control transformer`s full load losses in watts? Example:  9070T2000D1

Product Line:
Control Transformers

9070 Type T, TF, EO


Heat contribution information can be obtained from the 9070CT9901 Catalog.  see Table below for common voltages ordered.  

If the full load losses of the transformer are known, then the heat contribution at full load can be obtained by multiplying the loss in watts by 3.414 to yield BTU/hr.  For Example: The full load losses of the 9070T2000D1 is 132 watts. Multiplying by 3.414 yields a heat contributiion at full load to be 451 BTU/hr.

For 9070T transformers not listed below, a request to Low Voltage Transformer Marketing will need to be initiated for Full load losses .