Why is the HHP ATV61 internal heat sink fan is not turning on when the drive is running?


29 December 2022

Heat sink fan is not turning on when the drive is running.

Product Line:
ATV61 Altivar 61

ATV61HD55M3X, ATV61HD75M3X, ATV61HD90M3X, ATV61HD90N4 - ATV61HC63N4, ATV61HC11Y - ATV61HC80Y

Fan not turning on.

Check the "Drv. thermal state" in (Drive) Monitoring menu 1.2. 
The fans run when the run command is given or when the drive thermal state is greater than or equal to 70%, and will turn off when the drive thermal state is less than 60%.  The fans will also run for 10 minutes after the run command is removed.

The drive will trip on an OHF (Drive Overheat) if the drive thermal state reaches 118% and it will not allow a reset of that trip until the thermal state drops below 90%.

For more detailed troubleshooting. 
Check the 3 fuses on the fan control board.  If they are open the fan control board and the fans connected to it should be replaced.
Check the X1 terminal to see if you have input voltage coming in.
Check to see if the X1 and X4 plugs have been crossed. Swap X1 and X4 if needed.