Can a 600Vac rated safety switch be used on lower AC voltage applications?


28 September 2021


Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switch

Voltage Compatibility

Using higher rated switch on lower voltage system.

Yes. 600Vac rated safety switches are rated up to 600Vac so it covers AC voltages below 600Vac. If the switch is fusible, the voltage rating of the fuses to be used are to be based on the rating of the switch that is being used so that the fuse sizes would be compatible as well.
NOTE: There is an exception in Service Entrance application:
“They are suitable for use as service equipment when equipped with a field- or factory-installed neutral assembly or equipment grounding kit, unless a 600Y/347 V or 480 Y/277 V, 1000 A or greater, solidly grounded WYE system is used, per NEC 230.95.” -page 3-7, Digest 177 08/06/2018