How to customize the ATV61/71 display to show PSI using the PID Feedback parameter?


03 February 2023

Change display configuration on ATV61 and ATV71

Product Line:
 ATV61, ATV71

All models and serial numbers

How to customize your display to show your [User Name] as PSI using the PID Feedback parameter
  1. If FeedbackScale is 4-20mA change the scale on the AI2.
    1. From the drive menu go to 1.5 [INPUTS / OUTPUTS CFG] press enter
    2. Go to AI2 CONFIGURATION press enter
    3. Set AI2 Min. Value to 4 (provided a 4-20mA is being used)
    4. Set AI2 Max. Value to 20
  2. From the MAIN menu go to Menu 7 - [DISPLAY CONFIG]
    1. Select Sub-menu 7.1 - [USER PARAMETERS]
    3. Go to sub-menu 1.2 [MONITORING]
    4. Select [PID feedback] (a checkmark will appear in the box)
    5. Press the (ESC) button 2 times
    1. Select [PID feedback]
    2. Select [User name]
    3. Rename the parameter using the thumb wheel
      1. Turn the thumb wheel clockwise to "P" then press "F3"
      2. Turn the thumb wheel again to "S" then press "F3"
      3. Turn the thumb wheel again to "I" then press "ENTER"
    4. Press (ESC) back to the main menu.
    5. Go to Menu 6. [MONITORING CONFIG.].  Press "ENTER"
    6. Go to [MONITOR SCREEN TYPE].  Press "ENTER"
    7. Go to [PARAMETER SELECTION].  Press "ENTER"
    8. Scroll down to the newly named parameter "PSI", Press "ENTER"
    9. Press the (ESC) button
    10. Multiplier = 1
    11. Divisor = 1
      1. Note:  The multiplier and divisor is "1" if the Minimum and Maximum PID Feedback is set to the same range as the transducer..  If it is different than the transducer range the divisor will need to be changed.  Example:  If the transducer range is 0-100 psi but the Maximum PID feedback is set to 1000 (for greater resolution) the divisor must be set to 10.
    12. Press the ESC button until the display shows "PSI"
  4. Make the your [User name] as the default display
    1. Enter menu 6. [MONITORING CONFIG] from the MAIN MENU
    2. Enter menu 6.2 [MONITOR SCREEN TYPE]
    4. Select your [User name] parameter from the list of parameters (Note:  a maximum of two parameters is allowed.  You may need to unselect a parameter in order to select PSI"
    5. Press ESC 4 times to see your [User name] displayed on the HMI.