Is the NAC/SHAC a BACnet IP "Server" or "Client"? And which do I need?


30 September 2021

Direct out of the factory the NAC/SHAC is "server" only.
  • NAC/SHAC acts as a gateway for Modbus devices and C-Bus devices back onto a BMS (Building Management System is the BACnet Client). BACnet Servers cannot see or communicate to other BACnet servers.
  • BMS systems that support BACnet are acting as a Client, allowing them to see all of the BACnet servers on the ethernet network.
  • Whilst a BMS may support various versions of BACnet, such as "BACnet IP", "BACnet Ethernet", or "BACnet MSTP" (RS485), the NAC/SHAC only supports "BACnet IP".

NAC SHAC Image with Details.jpg