Which M580 CPU models support 4 x BMENOC modules in PLC rack?


30 September 2021

To consider power consumption of Ethernet modules in all conditions, new rules are implemented since Unity Pro V12 to limit the maximum number of Ethernet modules in a Modicon M580 configuration.
Those new rules are valid for High End M580 CPU (BMEx5840xx, BMEx5850xx, BMEx5860xx). For Low End processors the max number of Ethernet modules is 3 or less.
  • Generic NOCs (BMENOC0301 & BMENOC0311) are consuming more than other Ethernet modules (such as CTRL NOC BMENOC0321, BMENOS0300, ….) so a specific limit (see tables below) is applied when at least one Generic NOC is used
  • Since April 2019, a new version (see notice below) of Generic NOCs (BMENOC0301 & BMENOC0311) is available with lower power consumption
BMENOC0301                 PV13                     SV2.15
BMENOC0311                 PV14                     SV2.15
  • There is no specific control / limit in the number of BMENOS0300, BMXNOR0200H, BMXNGD0100, BMXNRP02x1 : no change compared to previous versions

Important notice:

The attached Hot Fix is intended to allow user to support up to 4 BMENOC0301 & BMENOC0311 in configuration, with the condition that BMENOC0301 & BMENOC0311) version are superior or equal to:
Power budget calculation rules (and Warning) are not updated by the Hot Fix:
As Control Expert does not distinguish BMENOC0301 & BMENOC0311 versions, Power budget calculation rules are based on worst case (power consumption of BMENOC0301 & BMENOC0311 versions inferior to the ones above).