Can a single phase source be used to feed a three phase Transformer to feed a single phase load?


08 June 2023

Three phase Transformers cannot be fed with a Single Phase source for proper operation.
Product Line:
LV Transformers
Applies to all SquareD/Schneider Electric Three Phase Transformers
Three Phase Transformers must be fed with a Three Phase source, as they are designed to accept
No, single phasing a three phase Transformer can result in possible damage to the Transformer. Three Phase Transformers must have all three phases of the correct design voltages applied to their Primaries for proper operation.  Application of Single Phase power on two Primary terminals of a Three Phase Transformer will not adequately magnetize the entire Core mass of the Transformer, so will not produce the correct designed output voltages on the Secondary. Also, a Single Phase voltage source cannot provide the necessary 120 degree phase shift between all three phases that is a key characteristic of Three Phase power.