Video: What can cause connection in progress issue on HMI keypad VW3A1101 with ATV212 drive?


28 September 2021

Connection in progress on the keypad with an ATV212 drive.

Product Line:
Altivar 212


In most cases, the issue is because the baud rate and parity settings of the HMI modbus has been altered.

Verify the following parameters using built in display.
F800=1 (Baud rate) 1= 19.2K
F801=1 (Parity) 1= Even parity

Also, the keypad Flash must be V1.1IE29 or higher.  
Also, try swapping out the control terminal block with a known good one that has the F, R RES wires connected to it. 

Power cycle once changes are made.

In other cases, a power supply issue where the +10V source PP and +24V source P24 may have issues or shorting.