What does an OLF fault code mean on the ATS22 Soft Starters?


26 July 2022

Getting OLF fault code on the ATS22.

Product Line:
Altistart ATS22


OLF means motor overload fault

Motor overload fault protects the motor from excessive heating due to excessive current draw.
Check the motor/load for blockage, phase rotation, binding, etc... for cause of the overload.
Check the ACC and tHP settings in the SET menu. If appropriate, increase either/both.
Allow the motor to cool and the ATS22 to timeout 10-15minutes before resetting the fault.
A reset can be forced before the ATS22 timeout.  Go into the Pro menu and find ItH parameter.  Set this to OFF and cycle control power to clear the fault.  Go back to the same ItH parameter and turn it back to value desired for class protection.