What can cause an (FrF) line frequency fault on the ATS48 Soft Starters?


12 July 2022

FrF fault on the ATS48 Soft Starters.

Product Line:
Altistart 48

All models

Line frequency is out of tolerance when control power is applied. The default setting for FrC parameter (Line Frequency) is AUt. The range for this setting is plus/minus 5%.

  • Change Parameter FrC from AUt to 60.  This changes the tolerance to plus/minus 20%.
  • Remove and inspect the green terminal strips at the bottom of the softstart.  Securely reinstall the strips.
  • Confirm that control power is present on CL1-CL2 terminals before a Run command is given.  Delay the Run command until nLP or rdY codes appear on the display.
  • Is the power supply from a generator?.  If so, check the frequency of the line to see if it is out of tolerance.  Upgrade the generator if necessary.  The FrC setting accommodates Class 1, 2 or 3 generators as defined by the Electrical Generating Systems Association.
  • Contact the Drives Product Support Group if the fault continues after corrective action.