How can you wire in a 0-10vdc speed reference on the ATV312 drive?


28 September 2021

Wiring of a 0-10vdc for speed reference on the ATV312

Product Line:

Programming AI1 for an 0-10vdc speed reference.

Resolution :
Wiring external 2 wire 0-10vdc signal from a SCADA or building automation system.
Connect +10vdc to AI1, and 0V to com on the drive.

Wiring a external POT to control speed via AI1.
Connect the center wiper of the POT to AI1, and the other two legs will go to +10vdc and com.

Programming so that AI1 is the speed reference.
CtL menu set Fr1 to AI1 (factory default setting)
Configuring Ref. 2 switching to Fr1
CtL menu set rFC to Fr1