What are the differences between the ATV31 and ATV312?


18 March 2022

ATV31 vs ATV312 drive. 

Product Line:
ATV31, Altivar 31, ATV312, Altivar 312

All models, all serial numbers.

ATV31 became obsolete in Dec 2010.

The ATV312 drives are a direct replacement for the ATV31 drives (or ATV31-A). Please see attachment. The ATV312 drive has the same dimensions, wiring, and programming as the old version ATV31 drive.

The changes made from the ATV31 to ATV312 include:
-  Optional DeviceNet, Profibus, CanOpen Daisy Chain communication cards.
-  Addition of a rotary dial to quickly scroll parameters
-  Addition of Run/Stop buttons
-  Addition of a door to cover the buttons against accidental contact
-  changed the color of the plastic to follow Schneider Electric color coding (white = control section, black = power section)