For Powerpact breakers, will the direct mounted rotary handle fit onto an existing door mounted rotary handle shaft?


28 September 2021

For an existing breaker with a door-mounted rotary handle, if the rotary handle needs replacing, will the direct-mounted rotary handle fit into the same place?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

No, the direct mounted rotary handle will not fit onto the shaft of an existing door mounted rotary handle. The reason is due to how they are installed onto the breaker.

                DIRECT MOUNTED ROTARY HANDLE                                                                                  DOOR MOUNTED ROTARY HANDLE                               
                  Consists of one part: Rotary Handle                                                                        Consists of three parts: Rotary Handle, Shaft, Base
         Attaches to the face of the breaker itself (no shaft)                                                           Attaches to panel door, shaft connects to breaker