Video: Locating TeSys D Line IEC Contactor/Overload Date Codes & Model Number


28 September 2021

How to find Date code and model number on TeSys D-Line contactors and overloads.

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TeSys D contactors & overloads

TeSys D Line Contactors & Overloads sold and supported world-wide.

Determining age of contactor without bill of sale

TeSys D Contactors will have the base of the part number printed in gray type on the face of the contactor in the upper left corner beginning with LC1D or LC2D.  This part number will not be complete without a 2-character alphanumeric code that is added to the end that represents the voltage of the contactor coil.  On DC rated contactors, the code is located directly beneath the base part number on the face.  On AC rated contactors, the code is located in a window in the coil housing located on the top of the contactor.

This code identifies facility and manufacture date.  The first two digits are facility identification, the second two digits are the year, the third two digits are the week of the year, and the last digit is the day of the week.

TeSys D overloads will be much simpler as they will not have a separate voltage code to be concerned with and the part number will also be prominently printed on the face of the product.  Overloads usually begin with the part number LR*D.
Finally, a common mistake amongst customers is sending in just a picture of the sticker that is affixed to the side of TeSys D contactors.  While this seems intuitively correct, this sticker contains information that is more general that can be applied to a range of products.  For best results, refer to the locations mentioned in this FAQ for your complete part number.

To locate the model number, please review the following video: