How do you change the IP00 or IP20 product rating on the ATV61 drives?


11 February 2022

How do you change IP rating on the ATV61 drives?

Product Line:
Altivar 61 ATV61
The drive has a sticker that shows one part number like ATV61HD11N4  but the keypad in menu 1.11 shows a different part number ATV61KU75N4.

The open style ATV61H... part number is on the nameplate and in the drive menu 1.11 Identification.
When the Power Identification (Prt) is changed from IP20 to IP00, the VFD rating increases up one size and the part number changes from ATV61H to ATV61K.
The IP rating change is only done in our enclosed packages by Schneider Electric after passing Standard testing.  The IP change should never be done on open-style drives.

To check the Power ID or to change it:
1. Navigate to menu 2 [ACCESS LEVEL]. Set to [Expert].
2.In menu 1.4 [MOTOR CONTROL], find parameter Power Ident (Prt)
Setting options are IP00 and IP20.