Are line reactors required for the Altivar ATV61 and Altivar ATV71 drives?


16 March 2022

Are line reactors required for ATV61/ATV71?

Product Line:
Altivar 61 , Altivar 71

All models, All serial numbers.

Product characteristics unclear.


Our 208/230 and 400/480V rated Altivar 61/71 drives do not require line reactors.  However, depending on the voltage and power quality of the incoming power, a line reactor or other power conditioning device may be necessary in a given installation.  Line reactors are used to filter and clean noisy power being fed into the drive.  They also can lower the incoming voltage a few percentage points if your incoming voltage is running a little high so they are used on a case by case basis, as needed.

The ATV61/71 drives 100HP and below have an internal DC choke which handles a lot of the filtering and power conditioning.  Drives rated 125HP and above have an external DC choke that ships separately and must be field installed.  There is an option to use a 5% line reactor instead of this DC choke so in this case, a 5% line reactor would be mandatory on those drives 125HP and above if the customer decided to not use the DC choke. Either the DC choke or the 5% line reactor must be used, but not both.

Altivar 61/71 drives rated at 575/690V 125HP and above require a 5% line reactor also, it must be used on these drives.