How to setup a PTC alarm without tripping the ATV61 drive?


26 July 2022

PTC alarm installation

Product Line:
Altivar 61, Altivar 71

All models, all serial numbers

Using PTC probes for motor overload protection, requesting warning indication rather than faulting the VFD

PTC warning can be indicated via a relay output assigned to an Alarm Group.
Example for SW2 switch set to PTC, PTC connected to LI6, R2 indication, Alarm Group 1

1.8 Fault Management
  PTC Management - activates the PTC monitoring
      LI6 = PTC Probe [PTCL] = Always

  Motor Thermal Prot - Inactivates the VFD internal I2T overload protection
      Overload Fault Mgt [OLL] = Ignore

1.5 Inputs/Outputs CFG
  R2 Configuration - assign relay R2
      R2 Assignment [R2] = Alarm Grp1

  Alarm Grp1 Definition - activate PTC alarm for the warning group
      LI6 = PTC Alarm [PLA] = ON

Important note:  When Overload Fault Mgt [OLL] = Ignore, the motor thermal protection by calculating the I2t is inactive.  The drive will not provide motor overload protection based on motor current.  Both functions can work at the same time by keeping Overload Fault Mgt [OLL] = Freewheel