How do you set up the ATV312 drive for modbus control?


24 June 2022

Setup an ATV312 drive for modbus control.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV31 ATV312 drives


Needs to set up the ATV312 drive to do modbus control over the network.

1st set up your modbus address in the CON menu
Add= modbus address enter 1 thru 247
tbr= modbus baud rate 4.8K thru 19.2K
tFo= modbus format: 8-O-1, 8-E-1, 8-N-1 or 8-N-2
tto=modbus time out 0.1 thru 30 seconds

2nd set up your ref and command channel in CLT menu
LAC= Level 3  hold enter in for 3 seconds
FR1= modbus

Important addresses
Command address
8501= CMD address for start and stopping
8502= LFRD speed ref in hz  0.1hz  example 600 value equals 60hz

3201= ETA address for status
3202= output speed in hz 0.1hz  example 600 value equals 60hz

Pin 4=D1 modbus
Pin 5=D0 modbus
Pin 8= Common for modbus

See the attached documents for more programming and modbus information.