Can an ATV61 drive in an enclosed system be replaced by a process drive?


29 July 2022

What is the replacement for ATV61 drive in an enclosed system?  
Product line:
ATV600 series Altivar process drive.
All open style Altivar Process drives, all serial numbers
Customer likes the new features of the process drive but has an existing enclosed system or MCC

The ATV61 is a Variable torque drive.  It can provide up to 120% overcurrent capacity.  It has a standard HP (kW) rating per part number.  HOWEVER the ATV61, when installed in a Schneider designed and built Enclosure or MCC could be re-rated to run the next HP size larger motor.   This function (called PN+1) was limited to just SE built packages.
When replacing an ATV61 it is very important to know if the PN+1 rating has been used as you will need to select a new drive with the proper HP for the motor.
Normal ATV61 part numbers follow the pattern ATV61HD22N4 where the D22 indicates the kW and the N4 is the Voltage.  When a drive had been installed using the PN+1 the part number will read ATV61KD30N4.  Notice the H has changed to a K and the D22 has changed to the next size larger D30.
ATV61/71 drives have the ability to hold 3 option cards.  1 Encoder card and 2 others.  Verify if any option cards are installed, and if so, are they being used (lots of installations have option cards installed for future updates that never happen). 
There are 4 option cards that are designed specifically for the ATV61 and do not work with the ATV71.
BACnet (VW3A3315 and VW3A3319), Metasys N2 (VW3A3313), LONworks (VW3A3312), and Apogee P1 (VW3A3314).
ATV61 Installation manuals are available here:
Small HP (less than 90 kW):
Large HP:
ATV61 Programming Manual here:
ATV71 install manuals here:
ATV71 Programming manual here:
ATV61/71 enclosed drives often used a Flange kit that allowed the heatsink to be extended through the back of the enclosure.  This was similar to what was done with the FLEX58 drives although the dimensions were very different and usually not compatible.
Retrofit installations will have to account for this.
There were a number of Enclosed AT61/71 products, including the E-Flex, M-Flex, Altivar Outdoor, Irrigation Field Drive and the 18 pulse CPD (Clean Power Drive).
Retrofitting a new drive into an 18 pulse enclosed drive is not recommended.  You should consider a new 18 pulse, the ATV680 Low Harmonic drive or the ATV980 active front end drive instead.
Altivar Process Drive – ATV630.
The ATV630 was launched in 2016 as a pump and fan drive that would replace the ATV61.
The terminology for sizing the drives has changed with this product.
We now use the term Normal Duty for drives that have an overcurrent capacity of 110% and Heavy Duty for drives with 150% overcurrent capacity.
So applications like fans and centrifugal pumps which we used to call Variable torque can be sized for Normal Duty.  A high torque load such as a positive displacement pump can also use the ATV630 but it would need to be sized for Heavy Duty.  This allows greater flexibility to use the drive you want (ATV630 or ATV930) for the application.
The HP(kW) rating of a drive programmed for Heavy Duty is 1 size less than the Normal duty sizing.
The ATV630 does not have provisions to accept a Dynamic Braking Resistor so should not be used on applications with overhauling loads or installations which have frequent high voltage conditions.
The ATV630 comes with a ModBus communication port and a ModBus TCP/IP Ethernet port.  It also has the ability to accept 2 option cards, although only 1 of them can be a serial communication option.

Summary: The ATV630 drive are generally taller than the ATV61 drives, which can cause problems when mounting the ATV630 in a ATV61 enclosure.  Generally speaking , it is NOT recommended to retrofit the ATV61 with a ATV630 , in a enclosure because of the above listed issues.