How do you set up the ATV12 for local speed control and 3 wire start stop terminal control?


17 May 2022

ATV12 for local speed control and 3 wire start stop on terminals.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV12


Wants to use 3 wire control for starting and stopping and use the knob for speed control.

First hold the MOD button for 3 seconds to put the drive in local mode.  The LED display will flash LOC.
You will notice 3 leds on the main display cycling up and down or 1 2 3.
You are now in local mode at this point and can not do any programming until you put the drive in programming mode by holding the ESC button for 3 seconds until the 3 Leds all blink at once.

Now you can program the drive

Confg menu enter
Full menu enter
CLT menu enter
Fr1= set to A1U1 enter
CHCF= SEP  enter
Cd1= Term enter

ESC back to the CTL menu  now arrow down until you see IO menu and enter
tCC= to 3C or 3 wire control ( note you must hold enter down for 2 seconds before the parameter can be set to 3C)

You must now get the drive back on local mode by hold the ESC button again for 3 seconds until the 3 display LEDs are flashing 1 2 3 again.

you will need to wire the drive as follows
LI1 is NC stop to +24vdc
LI2 is NO Start to +24vdc
The local knob or wheel will be the speed control at this point.