How do I set up skip frequency on the ATV61 and ATV71 drives?


30 June 2023

Skip Frequency to eliminate mechanical vibration
Product Line:
ATV61 and ATV71
All models and serial numbers
Skip frequency. This parameter prevents prolonged operation within an adjustable range around the regulated frequency. This function can be used to prevent a critical speed, which would cause resonance, being reached. Setting the function to 0 renders it inactive.
 In the [SETTINGS] menu
Go to [Skip Freq.] and enter the frequency you want to skip.
If the resonance is within a range, you can use the [Skip.Freq.Hysteresis] parameter.  This can be assigned from 0 to 10 hz.  This makes the skip frequency range: between (JPF – JFH) and (JPF + JFH).  This adjustment is common to all 3 frequencies (JPF, JF2 and JF3).