What replaces the TWD Analog and Discrete I/O modules?


30 September 2021

The TWD modules are replaced by TM2 modules as listed in the tables below:
TM2 modules are supported by version 2.20 and above of TwidoSuite software. For other versions of TwidoSuite and all TwidoSoft versions, TM2 modules can be used, but the equivalent TWD module must be declared.

The new TM2 modules are compatible with the old TWD modules that they replace. A faulty TWD card can therefore be replaced by its TM2 equivalent without the need to modify the software configuration, regardless of which software is used.

The TM2 range is discontinued . The replacement should be the TM3 range but this range is not compatible with the Twido range. Please get access to our digital catalog https://digicat.se.com/ or contact our support center for more information about migrations to a newer platform.