Are conduit kits available for the Altivar Process Drives?


05 June 2022

Conduit kits for the Altivar Process Drives

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930)

All serial numbers for Altivar Process Drive


Frame Size 1...4
  • Includes IP21 conduit kit already installed on the drive
Frame Size 5
  • Includes IP21 conduit kit but not installed on the drive
Frame Size 6, 7A and 7B 
Conduit kits are not supplied and have to be ordered:
  • Size 6 [ATV630D55M3, ATV630D75M3, ATV930D55M3C, ATV930D75M3C, ATV630C11N4, ATV630C13N4, ATV630C16N4, ATV930C11N4C, ATV930C13N4C, ATV930C16N4C]
    • UL type 1 and IP21: VW3A9704
  • Size 7A [ATV630C22N4, ATV930C22N4(C)]
    • UL type 1: VW3A9212
    • UL type 21: VW3A9112
  • Size 7B [ATV630C25N4, ATV630C31N4, ATV930C25N4C, ATV930C31N4C]
    • UL type 1 without braking unit: VW3A9213
    • UL type 1 with braking unit: VW3A9214
    • UL type 21 without braking unit: VW3A9113
    • UL type 21 with braking unit: VW3A9114