What can cause the Altivar 32 to fault on an Output Phase Loss?


21 July 2022

ATV32 causes of an Output Phase Loss.

Product line:
Altivar 32, ATV32

All models

Loss of phase / low current

The output phase loss faults are derived from the VFD measurement of output current.

OPF1 is the detection of the loss of one output phase between the drive and the motor. 
OPF2 is the detection of the loss of all three phases between the drive and the motor.

- Confirm the motor settings are correctly entered into the drive Motor Control (DRC) menu
- Check the wiring connections between the drive and the motor.  If there are any disconnects or junctions, check that the disconnect is closed and junction connections are secure.
- If the motor is undersized for the drive HP rating, the drive may trip on phase loss due to low current detection, causing the drive to believe a phase is lost. 
- Confirm the drive is working properly by disconnecting the motor leads, setting Output Phase Loss (OPL) to No, run the drive and check for equal voltage output, phase to phase.
- If using an output contactor, set Output Phase Loss (OPL) to Output Cut (OAC)