GeoSCADA, SCADAPack - What does System Error Code 1410 indicate


30 September 2021

 The System Error Code -> 1410 on the controller status page of SCADAPack E Configurator indicates Low RAM battery. 


You will have to replace the RAM battery to clear this error. 

Replacing the RAM battery is discussed around page 141 onwards of the SCADAPack 535E Hardware Manual. This section also details the risks should the battery not be replaced. The Hardware Manual can be found at the following hyperlink:

Replacing the battery on a 535E.png
Schneider no longer supplies replacement RAM batteries. You can replace this battery with one of the following 3.6 V lithium batteries recommended by Schneider Electric when the rPAC reports that the RAM battery status is low and at the intervals recommended in the Routine Maintenance section.
· Tadiran TL-5186
· Omni Cell ER22G68
· Eve Energy ER22G68

After replacing the RAM batteries, kindly set the RTC to PC time and clear the system status code, from Transfer menu -> select Set RTU Time -> select Use local (PC) time and press ok.

Local on board RAM battery is monitored by binary system point 50207.