Are the ZB4 / ZB5 keyed selector switches all keyed alike?


23 September 2022

Identify the standard key number of the ZB4 / ZB5 selector switches

Product Line:
Harmony 22mm Push Buttons

Push Buttons and Operator Interface

Standard operators will be keyed alike with a Ronis 455 key. Other keys changes can be obtained by adding the proper suffix to the part number.
Example: ZB4BG3 12 will give a ZB4BG3 with a 421E key. Here are some standard key changes. Other key changes are available. Suggest checking the Q2C profiles for other key changes.
Add suffix 12 for 421E key.
Add suffix 10 for 458A key.
Add suffix 14 for 520E key.
Add suffix 20 for 3131A key.