In the Wiser by SE App what are Moments and Automations, how are they triggered and how are they different?


12 April 2023

Moments and Automations a series of actions that need to be triggered. These can be created via the Automations and Moments tab in Wiser by SE and are only compatible with Zigbee connected devices.

An Automation is a series of actions that will be triggered when the pre-set condition(s) is/are true. For example - If Motion Sensor changes state to occupied turn on Iconic Wiser Dimmer 1.
An Automation can be set to operate during different time periods of All day, Daytime, Night or Custom.
As an example, if you define an Automation where a nightlight automatically switches on when the motion sensor detects motion, you can tap Effective Period in the Automation editor and select Night. In this case, the nightlight will not respond to the motion sensor during the day.

A moment can be a single action or multiple actions which can be triggered via the App by tapping the moment on your home page or in the Moment and Automations tab or via voice commands or even be triggered by other devices as part of an Automation Action.

Note: An Automation takes precedence over a Moment. For example, if a Moment is triggered and any of the lights in that moment is involved in an Automation and that Automation is triggered on or off those lights will comply with the Automations specified action.
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