Is there a replacement for AK6COBAR25x5x2 & AK6COBAR30x10x2 ?


30 September 2021

AK6COBAR25x5x2   - Copper Bars 25 x 5mm x 2m long, Permissible Current - 400A 
AK6COBAR30x10x2 - Copper Bars 30 x 10mm x 2m long, Permissible Current - 630A

The copper bars forming the busbar are not part of the Linergy BZ offer. They are not supplied by Schneider now. 

The selection depends on the maximum current needed for the installation. 

Please see the below recommended busbar support characteristics. 
Refer to the attached catalogue, page 4 & 5 for detailed information.
Linergy Busbar.png