How to set up the braking resistor on ATV12 ?


30 September 2021

The ATV12 drives do not have built in braking units, so an external braking module is required. (Braking module is an option, not included with the drive)
The braking unit module part number for ATV12 is VW3A7005 . This is no longer available and is obsolete.
(We recommend ATV320 drive as the next option, as they have a built-in braking module. The recommended resistors are also available. Part nos. listed in the drive catalogue - )

Connect the Braking module to the DC bus and then connect the Dynamic braking resistor.
When using a braking resistor set brA to nO.
Please make sure under FUn menu: rpt- brA is set to no.
The drive will decelerate based on the normal deceleration adjustment. This setting is compatible with optional dynamic braking.

ATV12 BRA to NO.pngATV12.png