Which Citect driver can be used to connect to the S7-1200 PLC?


03 October 2021

In the situation of Citect SCADA speaking to S7-1200 PLCs, specific drivers need to be used to ensure that communications can be established. There are a few options discussed below.

  • Citect SCADA/AVEVA Plant SCADA
  • S7 1200 PLC
S7TCP and PSDIRECT drivers are used to connect to the S7 1200 PLC in Citect. These are both paid drivers and are not included in the basic full server license. A demonstration version can be downloaded from the Aveva website, however a license will need to be purchased to access the full features. They can both be found under the "Drivers" section of the website. A quote for the full driver license can be obtained from AVEVA or your software provider.