How do I test PLC client and PLC server communication with explicit messaging using Control Expert’s simulator instead of actual hardware?


24 October 2021

The solution is to use the steps below which show the setup of Control Expert V15.0 and above’s IP address port simulator.
Step 1: Create an XML file with the format below. Any IP address can be used and assigned to a port.

<PLCAdressSim Address="" Port="502"></PLCAdressSim>
 <PLCAdressSim Address=""  Port="503"></PLCAdressSim> 

Step2: Open Control Expert and create a new M580 project. Create a program with the Read_Var block and assign an IP address that corresponds to one of the ports (created in the XML). Eg)

Build and connect to the simulator using the port number not assigned to the IP address used in the ADDM block. Transfer the program and run. Eg)

Step 3: Open another instance of Control Expert and create another blank M580 project. Connect to the simulator as below. The IP address must be but the port number must be the one assigned to the IP address used in the ADDM block previously. 

Step 4: From the task bar, select Options from the Simulator menu

Step 5: Enter the location of the .xml file

It will now be possible to monitor the memory read in by the Read_Var block.