How to read Modbus data of CT channels beyond 42 of BCPM (Branch Circuit Power Meter)?


13 December 2022

BCPM Modbus Register List

Please see below details given in the BCPM User Guide.

Based on this depending on where your CT strips are connected, you need to read the Modbus registers.

For example, if the DIP switch is set up as above to reflect address 40. Then you read the data for the 42 channels connected to Panel 1 using the Modbus address 40 and the given registers in the Modbus register map.

Then for the other channels connected to Panel 2, you need to use Modbus address 40+1=41.

For example, if you read register 1336 with address 40, that means it gives the current value of channel 1 in the Panel 1.

Then if you read the same register 1336 with address 41, that means it gives the current values of channel 1 in the Panel 2 and so on.

This means if the CTs from 43-63 are connected to Panel 2, if you need the current reading for CT 43, you will need to use +1 Modbus address to read it and use 1336 register and so on.

This is what is explained in the below section in the Modbus map.