Can we disable Wireless networks in the PAS 600 and PAS 800?


30 March 2023

Product Line:

Panel Server


PAS600 and PAS800



  1. Is wireless accessible in this configuration?

    There are two wireless networks in Panel server one is IEEE 802.15.4(to communicate with downstream devices like Power Tags etc. that support this protocol) and other one is Wi-Fi. Please see below architecture

2-Can wireless function be disabled?

By default both IEEE802.15.4 and Wi-Fi is disabled in the Panel server. It can be enabled or disabled (temporarily) by going through the webpage of the panel server(See attached PDF document)

But If they want to permanently  disable the IEEE 802.15.4 and Wi-Fi Please see below. By doing this  both IEEE 802.15.4  and Wi-Fi will be permanently disabled.
It is permanent and cannot be undone. Neither a factory reset nor a backup restore can activate the radio capabilities again.

 This  feature is available from Firmware version 001.005.000 and onwards

permanent disable