What is new of the C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.3?


19 July 2023

What is new of the C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.3?
  • C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.3 was released on 26/06/2023

Clock Optimisation
When the network node is selected in the project tree, the summary information for the network now includes an additional line, Units with Clock, which displays how many units on the network have their clock enabled.

eDLT Firmware
The eDLT Firmware Updater has been updated to include firmware version 1.7.0. This firmware addresses an issue that affected commissioning of the unit via bridge networks. It also addresses an issue that resulted in increased network traffic.

C-Gate 2.11.10
This release includes C-Gate 2.11.10. For further details, refer to the C-Gate release notes later in this document.

Other Fixes
• TK-10683: Toolkit crashes when copying and pasting a lighting application.

C-Bus Toolkit 1.16.3 can be downloaded from SE Ecoxpert