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Your home reflects you and your lifestyle. Now, every part of your home can reflect that style with our range of switches and power points in a selection of designs, finishes and shades to complement any interior. Choose smart connectivity and accessory options for the perfect finishing touch.

iconic switch on lounge wall
iconic styl switch on lounge wall
iconic outdoor socket on wall

Iconic Outdoor

The innovative Iconic Outdoor is the latest in modern weather-proof switches and powerpoints which allows for smart connectivity and comes in a selection of on-trend finishes, unlike anything on the market.

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PDL Power Points and Switches

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    Build your Iconic

    Choose your favourite switch style and customise to your needs. Select your preferred wall colour to match. Create a list with all the components you need. Sort by rooms and share via email.

    Build your Iconic
    saturn zen and colour swatches flat lay
    iconic switch
    iconic switch flat lay
    kitchen and lounge room
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