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Nurture Your Creativity

Whether you’re working from home, tackling personal tasks, or setting up a study area for the kids, transform your home office into a space that nurtures creativity, enhances productivity, and fosters concentration.

Modern workspace with sleek desk, shelves, and chair.

Designing Your Perfect Home Office

As working from home becomes a permanent fixture in our daily routines, makeshift setups no longer make the cut. It’s time to craft your ideal home office. Irrespective of your style preferences, designing an effective home office involves creating a space that serves multiple purposes.

Room Recipe

Desk with shelves attached to the wall, with a chair in front.

Wicker basket next to desk for storage.


  • 1 tablespoon of proper airflow
  • 1 ceiling fan for optimal air circulation
  • 3 tablespoons of functional and efficient lighting with LED downlights
  • 1 pinch of reliable internet connection
  • A pinch of inspirational decor and personal touches for a pleasant environment
  • 1 sprinkle of smart home automation for enhanced convenience and control


  1. Safeguard your electronic devices and manage power efficiently by installing PDL power boards and surge protectors.
  2. Achieve hands-free operation and convenience by seamlessly integrating PDL products with voice control systems.
  3. Create the perfect study ambiance with adjustable and energy-efficient lighting using PDL smart lighting control systems.
  4. Ensure a comfortable working environment by incorporating PDL climate control systems.
  5. Enhance connectivity and convenience with PDL power outlets featuring USB charging ports and data sockets.
  6. Infuse your space with modernity and intelligent automation by adding smart home solutions for enhanced control over lighting, climate, and security, while managing energy efficiently.


Indulge in a seamless fusion of productivity, sophistication, and personalised PDL allure. Perfect for fostering productivity, hosting virtual meetings, and savouring moments of inspiration in your home office and study.

Want To Achieve This Style?

Open laptop on a light colored wooden desk.
An adult female and a young child sitting at a desk, interacting in a home setting.
Clipsal Iconic Quad powerpoint installed on a tiled wall.
Computer desk with chair and monitor.

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Design Your Dream Home Office

Today, home offices and studies serve a multitude of purposes beyond just being a workspace. With various demands on this busy space, it’s essential to design it to be practical and efficient for all users, while also creating a beautiful and inviting environment to spend time in.

Woman using iPad in the kitchen

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