Switch up your Style

Switch up your Style

Harmonise your home and find your own intrinsic look.

Your intrinsic sense of style is evident as soon as someone walks into your home. If it's well styled, all elements of a design will come together to give your home an inviting and comfortable feel.

Many interior designers and architects now place a lot of emphasis on the finishing touches of a design that are often overlooked. These previously overlooked details in a room are now being used to add ‘wow factor’ and help to harmonise your home’s sense of style.

Switches and power points for example can be a simple and striking way to add a pop of colour, texture and technology to a home.

They can also help easily add value to your home, by upgrading your standard electrical accessories to something more striking and functional, increasing both the aesthetic and practical appeal.

PDL Iconic Flatlay

Award-winning and future-proofed

The award-winning, future-proofed PDL Iconic range features a wide selection of light switch and powerpoint skins that are easily clipped on and off a PDL Iconic base grid. The interchangeable skins mean that you can match your room’s decor and change the look and feel of your space at the click of a cover plate.

The benefits of installing PDL’s changeable skins aren’t limited to the convenience of updating colours or finishes whenever you like. They also provide the option of additional upgrades such as Bluetooth connectivity or give you simple smarts in your home with USB charging options too.

PDL Iconic Flatlay

Standard PDL Iconic range

If you aren’t quite ready to solidify your style or like things very simple, but are after an option to prepare you for the future, the standard PDL Iconic range could be for you. These Iconic skins come in four different matte colours with translucent edges to help blend seamlessly with every interior and provide a great foundation for you to develop your style and statements around.

PDL Iconic Styl

If you lean towards a more modern look and feel, these metallic light switches and power points will add elegance to any area of your home. The surface is sandblasted for a modern ‘satin’ appearance and the rounded edge of these plates plays with light creating beautiful reflections. The Iconic Styl provides sleek simplicity across three aluminium finishes: Silver, Silver Shadow and Crowne.

PDL Iconic Flatlay

PDL Iconic Essence

Beach chic, Scandi and mid-century modern styling is best suited to the Iconic Essence range. The natural birch timber edging brings the relaxed feel of nature into the home. Made with durable ABS colourfast, a UV stabilised plastic surface and real birch edges with matte lacquer for protection, this switch’s sustainable materials will ensure it is a standout feature with a timeless finish.

Showcase your personality

Interior stylist and owner of The Stables, Catherine Heraghty, says “Whilst it may not be the first thing you think of when renovating or building, light switches and power points are important elements of interior design. Not only because of their functional purposes, but also as a way to showcase your personal style.

“What I love about PDL by Schneider Electric’s Styl and Essence ranges is how easily I can update the look of a room all with a simple change to my switches and powerpoints, a perfect way to keep things fresh moving through the seasons and trends,” says Ms Heraghty.

Whether building a fresh start or renovating, finishing touches are a great way to showcase your personality, passions and preferences, helping to create a beautiful home that looks smart and most importantly, feels like an extension of you. And those with an eye for detail will definitely appreciate how your new electrical accessories tie in with the rest of your home.

Whether you need subtlety, sophistication or something high-tech, light switches and power points are not something to be an afterthought.

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