Electric vehicle charging

What you need to know

EV charger with car.

New Zealand is a great fit for electric vehicles

Our significant renewable electricity resources, the average distance driven per day is low (33km), and most people (85%) have ready access to a power source to charge their car. And the case for an Electric Vehicle is a good one, with renewable electricity at the equivalent of 30 cents a litre, switching to an electric vehicle is a great way to reduce emissions.

EVLink is PDL by Schneider Electric’s solution to quickly and safely charge an electric vehicle. The EVlink solutions are weatherproof and robust (IP54). It can therefore be used in tough environments: in homes and on private properties.

Safe and Efficient

Up to 10 times faster.* Depending on your electric vehicle and your EVlink Home charging power, you can charge up to 10 times faster than a domestic socket outlet.

Simply plug in and charge!

When the light on the front of your wallbox starts blinking, you know your charge has started.

Optimum user protection

Powered by a dedicated branch circuit in your electrical switchboard that has been checked by a qualified electrician, EVlink Home can operate with enhanced reliability, and without disrupting the rest of your home electrical appliances or circuits.

With our residential charging station, charge your vehicle faster and more reliably with greater safety that a domestic socket outlet.

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1 Bring on the electric cars, say CEOs
* Based on 22 kW Wallbox version. With a 7.4 kW rating, you can charge up to 3 times faster.