Family life made smart

Family life made smart

Using electric home design to make family life easier

In today’s busy world, a home that simplifies daily life is a great idea.

For Master Electrician Sarah Loveday, it was a must-have.

“I wanted our house to be really user-friendly and operate around my family’s lifestyle,” explains Sarah, mother-of-four and managing director of family business Loveday Electrical. 

And with three teenagers and a toddler under one roof, her modern home shows how thoughtful electric home design can create a space that’s both family-friendly and a sanctuary for relaxation.

Master Electrician Sarah Loveday and family

 A home that cares for you

For Sarah, taking the time to plan how her home could work for her family and really add to daily life was well worth it. 

“I finally have a home that understands me completely,” she says. 

“I can make updates as I need, but the biggest bonus is letting my home look after the small details so that I can enjoy time with my family.”

A living area that opens onto a large patio surrounded by lush tropical garden for outdoor entertaining

Comfort and control

The light and airy home has six bedrooms and features a spacious kitchen and living area that opens onto a large patio surrounded by lush tropical garden for outdoor entertaining.

To achieve a home that would respond to her family’s needs, Sarah chose a PDL Wiser Smart Home system that links to the stylish Iconic Essence switches and power points throughout the house. 

Using the Wiser by SE app on her phone, she can easily control and link everything from indoor and outdoor lighting to individual switches, climate control, sensors and cameras – whether she’s at home or anywhere else in the world.

Lounge room

A home that grows with you

PDL Wiser Smart Home does not require special cables to be installed which mean that it can be used in new home builds or renovations easily. 

“A lot of home automation systems are hard-wired into the walls and floors, meaning you have to choose everything you want before you finish the build. With four growing kids, it was important to have a system that could be scaled up as our family’s needs changed.”

Energy-efficiency is also a benefit, as Sarah can use the Wiser by SE app to easily check whether lights or appliances have been left on and turn it off, set timers and schedules and even turn lights down a few extra percent for energy savings.

Bedroom in a smart home

How to create good electric home design

Sarah recommends taking time to plan where you’ll put beds and desks, as well as TVs and other devices, or appliances in kitchens and pantries, so that power points and network connections can be wired in the right places.

This should include outdoor electrical requirements like work sheds, pools and pumps, garden lighting and water features.

She also recommends having an idea of what you ultimately want to achieve electrically, whether or not you can afford to do everything at the time. 

“Even if you’re not planning to get everything done during the build or renovation, plan your dream end goal in case there is something critical that needs to be done at the start.”

She says using Iconic switches and power points is a great way to give a home basic smart home functionality that can be upgraded as time goes on.

kids bedroom

Safety first

When it comes to keeping your family and your home safe, your switchboard is the perfect place to start and Sarah has AFDDs for detecting arc faults which can cause fires, and surge protection installed in hers.

“Everyone has so many expensive electronics in their homes these days, but they don't really understand the damage that a lightning strike, even just in the vicinity, can do to your property,” she says. 

“It makes sense to have surge protection installed in the switchboard to protect your entire home and the things you love.”