Inside a Designer’s home

Inside a Designer’s home

Donna Jones, The Design Option

Donna Jones' ever-evolving sanctuary of architecture, art, and curated style

Is a designer’s house ever finished? For Donna Jones of The Design Option her current home is an ongoing love affair with architecture and a beautifully curated collection of art, embellishments and interior style selections.

Her Kohimarama home incorporates signature design elements from renowned architect Ron Sang such as the statement front door and grand spaces. The expansive views are enhanced with vast walls of glass and mirror. In modernising the home from its bold red and lilac beginnings, Donna saw the potential of the home, and wanted to ensure she accentuated the architects intended design features while incorporating her own distinct style.

Almost at its completion, the renovated home boasts strong contrasts between light and dark, and uses lush fabrics and layers to soften the edges of the buildings structure.

To fit with her modern vision for her home Donna chose PDL Iconic™ in Anthracite for her switches and sockets. “I love the soft lines, low profile and rounded corners. It gives almost a negative detail with the anthracite not going all the way around the edge”. Donna chose Anthracite on light, bright walls to use the strong contrast in colour as a feature of the design.

PDL Iconic provided Donna a modern matte finish option to suit the other textures in her home.

PDL Iconic finish options

PDL Iconic provided Donna a modern matte finish option to suit the other textures in her home.

The full range also allowed Donna to incorporate dimmers and USB chargers in an unobtrusive way – which were key to ensuring both comfort and a functional space for her and her family. 

“The beauty of the chargers is that you can plug in a charger without that extra bulk of having the plug in it, so you can push your furniture back nice and flush with the wall, and anyone can bring their devices up into the kitchen where we all spend our time”.

Iconic Anthracite in living room

A self-confessed ongoing updater

As an Interior Designer the devil is in the detail, which we see as Donna effortlessly moves around the photo shoot in her home, ensuring the finishing touches bring each shot to life.

As a self-confessed ongoing updater, Donna loves the Iconic ‘skin’ concept which will allow her and her clients to update their electrical to any new style, change out selected items to complement splashbacks, feature wallpapers and tiles with ease. 

“It’s exciting that once you have the actual gear fitted you can just take off that skin and replace it with something else without having to go to the expense of changing everything”.