Building the smart homes of tomorrow

Building the smart homes of tomorrow

Peek inside a builder and interior designer’s own home

Take a peek inside a builder and interior designer's own home

When it comes to building luxurious new homes, the couple behind boutique builders Klemm Homes put electric home design high on the checklist right from the start.

Builder Troy Klemm and interior designer Carmel Siciliano-Klemm pride themselves on building homes in Adelaide with careful attention to detail: from the construction materials chosen through to the perfect light switches. They say smart home automation also plays a key role in how they create bespoke tailored homes for their clients.

A home to love

“We just completed building our dream home” says Carmel. “To me, that means a home that is sustainable, energy-efficient and fully automated house,” adds Troy. “A house that seamlessly integrates with our lifestyle and how our family lives."

“We’re very, very busy people so when we were building it was very important for us to include Wiser Smart Home solutions.” Carmel agrees.

Carmel delightfully laughs and adds: “Troy thinks he is James Bond by sending a command to turn on the TV when we have a dinner party, and it pops out of the cabinet!”

At Klemm Homes, creating a well-designed home that makes use of passive heating and cooling (using the sun and natural shade) simply makes sense, and so does using quality products for longevity, and smart home automation for energy-efficiency and a more streamlined and enjoyable experience of the home.

Family enjoying a scalable smart home solution

Starting with electric home design

The conversation around electric home design starts from the first meeting with their clients. “We love to show off our solutions here so our clients know exactly what they could have in their own house,” says Troy.

“Wiser is a scalable smart home solution that can start from one switch, right through to your whole house being automated. You consider a smart home solution because it gives you peace of mind. It allows you to check in on your house from anywhere in the world.”

Their electrician, Ryan Voy of Envy Electrical and Automation also recommends Wiser because of its quality and flexibility. He says it’s important to talk to an expert to get an idea of the technology available around lighting and blinds, climate control, security, energy management and home entertainment. “You really want to design the whole installation to meet your family’s wants and needs.”

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