New York State of Mind

New York State of Mind

The perfect escape from city life

Designed as a luxurious bolthole on Waiheke Island, a 40 minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland, this sultry studio apartment is the perfect getaway from the hustle of city life.

With retirement on the horizon the owners are looking to pack their bags and travel. They will use this studio apartment as a base.

While they are abroad, the studio will be used as a display suite for showcasing new products within the architectural & design industry.

The trends coming out of Europe are dark and sultry says Yellowfox designer Peta Davy.

“These clients wanted a change from the all-white interiors that dominated their last few renovations. The lofted white ceilings gave us the opportunity to darken the walls and fittings giving the studio a very masculine aesthetic”.

This renovation is a complete transformation of the form and function of the space. The stunning galley kitchen with Dekton Trilium bench, bronzed mirrored splashback, and the glazed internal room walls are the heroes of the space.

Interior designed by Yellowfox

Bedroom interior designed by Yellowfox

Bathroom interior designed by Yellowfox

Featuring Iconic Styl in Silver Shadow

Industrial finishes and motifs complement the age and style of this reclaimed arts hall. With copper accents, recycled matai flooring and vintage and brick-look tiles, this apartment gives off an industrial, New York vibe.

Peta selected PDL Iconic Styl in Silver Shadow to complement the moody colour scheme and reflective surfaces throughout the apartment.

“The metallic sheen and the deep colour palette of the Iconic Styl Silver Shadow worked perfectly with the overall design aesthetic” says Peta.

The clever design of the PDL Iconic range delivers style and efficiency to interior spaces and makes a perfect choice.

The switches of PDL Iconic Styl have a sleek feel that adds to the overall experience of the beautiful fittings. The ‘touch to dim’ brings an unexpected pleasure and creates a lovely ambience within the interior.

Other clever features from the Iconic range have enhanced the enjoyment of the space. With space at a premium, double USB ports incorporated into powerpoints and a triple USB charging shelf have provided plenty of charging options without the need for bulky power adaptors.

The occupants also have the ability to control lighting and other electrical features in the home via Bluetooth and the Wiser by SE app from their smartphones and tablets.

The highlight of the PDL Iconic range that really delights the owners is PDL Iconic’s clip on ‘skin’ system.

"The ability to click off the skin and update with a new one without needing to engage an electrician is a standout feature for us, as the next occupants may not enjoy the moody ambience as much as we do”, they say.

See PDL Iconic Styl for yourself