St Heliers home refresh

St Heliers home refresh

An Auckland home has a fresh new look that combines style with simple smart home connectivity in one customisable easily installed package, thanks to electrical accessories from PDL by Schneider Electric.

When Jim Gleeson of Refresh Renovations started work on the electrical renovation of the St Heliers house, he found it had old switches that were yellowed and damaged and in three different styles, which detracted from the overall presentation of the property. He suggested that the owners update the switch gear to a single style for a more streamlined look and to complement the light, bright interior.

Jim recommended the PDL Iconic® range, which consists of a unique base grid that is easily installed by an electrician and offers the choice of three collections of ‘skin’ designs in different finishes that can be clipped on and off. This allows homeowners to swap the designs out themselves whenever they like, while the range’s Bluetooth connectivity options gives the benefits of a smart home without the need for any additional wiring should the homeowners wish to upgrade.

BEFORE: The old yellowed switches dated the interior

AFTER: The crisp Vivid White of the PDL Iconic range perfectly complements the new look

He says the innovative PDL Iconic switch gear was the ideal choice to complete the look of the home, giving the owners an easy way to change and upgrade the look in the future. Options include the sleek anodized aluminium of Iconic Styl in three metallic finishes, or Iconic Essence with smooth rounded wooden edges in natural birch timber. There is also the option of upgrading as new designs are released.

“PDL Iconic is functional, adaptable and modern, with the ability to upgrade easily. The many different styles and cover plate options while only needing one base plate style is a big bonus too.” says Jim.

The owners chose modern matte covers from PDL Iconic collection in Vivid White. The translucent edge of these skins means they blend with the walls throughout their home to create a seamless look, which they love.

As well as standard switch plates and power points, the PDL Iconic range includes easily customisable accessories for more convenient living. Dimmer switches, optional LED backlighting (to indicate when a switch is in use or for locating it in the dark), built-in USB/USBC sockets and Smart shelves, and a variety of pictograms for easy reference on multi-gang switches all add to the day-to-day experience of these unique products.

The PDL Iconic range gives homeowners the option of simple smart home connectivity via Bluetooth without the need for special wiring, enabling them to control lights, dimmers and switches with the PDL Wiser Room app on a smartphone or tablet.

PDL Iconic makes it easy to transform a space…

…while offering exceptional features in a simple customisable package.