Stylish smart living

Stylish smart living

Effortless luxury with electric home design

Innovative design and build company Futureflip, makes electric home design an important part of their luxury new home and custom duplex builds.

Modern living made easy

Futureflip’s recent Salisbury project in Sydney saw them create two contemporary detached Scandi-barn silhouette homes. 

Both are spacious and airy with natural elements of oak, stone and marble and modern accents from black appliances throughout. Both properties also include luxury features such as pools, fireplaces and smart home automation.

Futureflip’s founding director, Neil Hipwell, says that tailoring a home to a client’s lifestyle is key. 

“We always ask clients about how they want to live so we can get a feel for how they want to control their home. What temperature do they like their house at when they come home from work? What light setting do they like? Then we can integrate all of that into the smart home system.”


Futureflip uses the Wiser Smart Home system

Clever technology

To achieve the chosen electric home design, Futureflip uses the Wiser Smart Home system, which lets them create a house.

Features like lighting, blinds, climate control, music and security can be fully controlled, linked and customised by the homeowner from their smartphone through the Wiser Smart Home system.

With a range of task and feature lighting inside and outside, as well as AV systems, automatic blinds, air conditioning, fireplaces, pools and alarms, the Salisbury project is an example of how smart home automation can simplify daily life.

bedroom smart home automation

Personalised moments

“I love that you can create ‘moments’ where you can group multiple actions,” says Neil.

“A ‘Movie Moment’ at Salisbury dims the lights and switches off the music and turns on the TV. This allows for a really luxurious, yet efficient experience for the homeowner.”

The Salisbury homes also have Wiser Temperature/Humidity sensors in the bathrooms.

Neil says that Wiser is the perfect smart home automation choice for new builds or renovations as it is user-friendly, cost-effective, and allows clients to add more devices to their system as time goes on.

Couple enjoying their smart home

Creating an energy-efficient home

Using smart home automation also empowers the owners to live as well as possible by helping to reduce energy consumption.

Using automation and timers through the Wiser lets them achieve more effective home-climate management and makes sure that power is only used when needed, and never wasted.

Neil’s team used the Iconic range for switchgear, downlights, smoke alarms, and exhaust fans throughout the Salisbury homes as high-end finishes were a key factor in creating the luxurious and contemporary feel.

Homeowner enjoying their PDL smart home

Streamline life with Wiser Smart Home

With so many electrical features an essential part of daily life, having simple touch screen control of our homes can make living in them that much more enjoyable – as the owners of the Salisbury project homes have discovered.

Wiser Smart Home helps to save on energy bills, provides peace of mind and a really streamlined way of living,” says Neil. 

“It’s the perfect solution for people with busy lives.