Top designer Mal Corboy

Top designer Mal Corboy

Pop-up outlet

The importance of well thought out kitchen electrical

Top New Zealand kitchen designer Mal Corboy believes that planning a good kitchen design is just as much about the small details, as it is all the big ticket items, like cabinetry and benchtops. Often forgotten plumbing and electrical fixtures can make a big impact on the final result, and need to be well planned for the best finish.

Mal Corboy says the position of power points and light switches is of huge importance, and needs to the considered very early on in the planning. He points to the huge rise in demand for kitchen appliances, meaning powerpoint placement needs to be well thought out.

“Don’t forget those tradies”, says Corboy. “It’s a good idea to have everyone teed up in advance, so you are not held up waiting for a plumber who has been given no warning.”

Modern kitchens should be considering USB charging outlets for convenient access, as well as plenty of power outlets, close to where your appliances will be situated when in use. For kitchen islands, consider a pop up outlet.